October 5, 2006  American Medical Response Inc.

American Medical Response Inc. (AMR) has agreed to pay over $9 Million Dollars to settle qui tam claims filed by two former employees, Daniel Block and Adam Wightman.

AMR is one of the nation’s largest ambulance providers.  The allegations of the qui tam case were that the company provided or offered illegal inducements, such as discounts on transportation services, to induce hospitals to use the company when discharging patients from the hospitals.

The government asserted that “illegal inducements corrupt the integrity of the Medicare program by freezing out competitors, masking the true costs of services and misdirecting program funds.”

As part of the settlement the former employees, Mr. Block and Mr. Wightman, are to receive over $1.6 Million for having filed the qui tam claims.

See U.S. Dept of Justice Press Release 10/5/06

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