November 1, 2007  $2 Billion Recovered in 2007

The United States Justice Department has announced that in 2007, over $2 Billion Dollars was recovered under the federal False Claims Act, which parallels the New York State False Claims Act.

This amount brings the monies recovered to a total of more than $20 Billion Dollars since congress strengthened the False Claims Act in 1986.

Of the $2 Billion Dollars recovered in 2007, $1.45 Billion was recovered in qui tam lawsuits filed by relators under the False Claims Act.

In 2007, persons who filed qui tam actions received over $177 Million Dollars in rewards under the federal False Claims Act.

In 2007, The State of New York adopted the New York False Claims Act which is virtually identical to the federal Act, and proponents believe that the State could expect to begin recovering millions of dollars each year, with up to 30% of those monies being paid to relators who expose fraud against the State.

See U.S. Dept of Justice Press Release 11/01/07

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